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unknown code


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Ran codes found a history code.....IT1911 cannot find anything on this, could not find a system prefix ie PCM,

DDM, IRC etc any ideas??

Thought I saw a flicker of message ..."not charging" , pulled over ran codes and saw that IT1911 was in history, cannot verify what quickly flashed.

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Sounds like this might be similar to:

DTC B1911 Generator L-Terminal Problem

Circuit Description

This test is only performed when the ignition switch is in RUN, the IPC measures engine speed above 600 RPM, and the vehicle diagnostics system is not activated. This DTC indicates a circuit malfunction is preventing the alternator from charging.

DTC Will Set When:

Then IPC determines that CKT 225 is grounded by the generator with the ignition switch in RUN and engine speed above 600 RPM.

Action Taken (By IPC):

The IPC displays the BATTERY NOT CHARGING mesage and illuminates the BATTERY indicator.

Troubleshooting Hints:

This DTC typically indicates a malfunction within the generator.

Check for battery voltage at the generator terminal L (with the engine running). If voltage is present, check for intermittent shorts or opens in the alternator L-terminal or ignition-1 circuit.


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THANKS ....that makes sense, putting the few indications I mentioned together,

BUT what would that "IT' prefix be?

First step will be to put on my glasses then reread code :D

then check wiring and do an alternator.

will advise

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:blink: oops! with glasses on and the display wiped clean ......IP is the prefix IP1911

thanks for taking time to look that up

Checked Alternator..... no voltage above battery reading....

Guess what I am doing this weekend???

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