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The link to How to read diagnostic codes.

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I'm not that active with posting but i do always try to keep up with reading the posts coming trough this board.

What i notice very often is that the link for how to read codes is copied into a thread.

Most of the times (always?) this is to notify new comers, that post their problems, to first come back with the diagnostic codes before a proper diagnoses can be made.

Is it an idea to make a sticky in the top of the forum saying something like 'Read this first before you post' (or something like that) which contains what is expected from people before they drop a post.

Just an idea which could avoid the same question all over again in threads (e.g. please read codes, here's the link how you can do that) and speeds up the troubleshooting process rather then to wait for people to come back with their codes etc..etc...



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