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MT's Top 7 Auto Designers

Bruce Nunnally

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4) Simon Cox. A long time GM designer, he made his reputation with the quirky Isuzu Vehicross Concept (1993) which the company put into production virtually unchanged, using innovative ceramic tooling to keep costs down. After his stint at Isuzu, GM set up an advanced studio for Cox in the UK, where he produced the gorgeous Cadillac Cien concept, the car that created the whole "Art & Science" look for GM's luxury brand. Cadillac has struggled with making Cox's "Art & Science" themes work on production models, but seems to have nailed if with the new 2008 CTS, a car that looks confident and aggressive, upscale and unique, and with none of the baroque styling elements of current BMW and Benz models. Word is his proposal for a new mid-engined Cadillac sports car is a stunner.


More info on Simon Cox in this 2005 R&T article:



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