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My traction control light is on(the orange alarm light). My car seems to start in 2nd gear sometimes and the shift timing seems different. When I try to use the traction control button to turn it off located in the glove box it wont do anything(turn it no or off). My second problem is the tail lights/brake lights.

My rear drivers side tail light is very faint. Aslo my turn signal works intermitently. Most of the time not at all but my right side lights work fine. I've replaced all the bulbs so I'm now lost. If anyone knows anything about either one of these problems any info would be helpfull. Thanks

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lets do the easy things first...

run a diagnostic check and post the codes you are getting...

If you are usure how- use the link below


Also let us know some more info....

trailer/tow hitch? always a problem with harness

any past accident history -rear? could be a ground or wire problem hidden

brake lights operate ok? you say turn ok wondering about brake may isolate circuit

A swag (till codes) problem with turn sig switch has other names, (combinatioon sw multi function etc) but that is a guess till we know codes.

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Sounds like a bad ground to me.

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