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Looking more and more like one good competitor for the 2008 CTS 3.6DI will be the 2007 CTS-V.

Although the $52K MSRP of the CTS-V would seem to move it out of the competition, savvy shoppers may find that lightly used 06/07 CTS-Vs actually cost less than new 2008 CTS 3.6L's. The MSRP on most DI3.6L's will be over $40K by my observation of the ones that are on dealer lots in my neighborhood. Hopefully if the CTS sells well it will be a while before they start to discount the new cars. KBB.com lists a 2006 CTS-V with 15K miles in good condition from a private party at $36K. It appears that one can find examples for under this also.

The 08 CTS DI3.6L has the advantage of the newly restyled exterior, interior, and that sweet 304 hp engine. Hard to compare to the CTS-V for performance though -- a 400hp LS2 V8, performance brakes, performance suspension, G-meter; the CTS-V is the track star of the line. The 2004-2005 CTS-V offered the 5.7L LS6 V8 rated at 400hp. The 2006/2007 CTS-V have the 6L LS2 V8 also rated at 400hp. The LS2 is the stronger choice. The 2006+ models also offer a improved differential design. The 2007+ models have the additional advantage of the new 5yr/100K mile powertrain warranty.

The 08 CTS Di3.6L does off an automatic or manual; the CTS-V ONLY offers a manual transmission.

The V-series suffers in fuel economy, at 15/24mpg city/highway vs the CTS DI3.6L 17/26 mpg. The CTS DI3.6L offers an available "UltraView" double-width sunroof, and improved entertainment system with 40G harddrive. A 'regular' sunroof and navigation are standard in the CTS-V, optional in the CTS DI3.6L.

For many, the improved interior and exterior of the new 2008 will carry the day. The CTS-V will be redesigned in 2009, and get a new powertrain. But the 2006/2007 CTS-Vs are hard core choices who are moving quickly into the affordable range.


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