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Intermittant Starting Problem


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This problem plagued my sons 91 Deville for years--

If it happens again try starting it in neutral--you may have to "wiggle" the shifter--

Its the neutral saftey switch which just wears out/down--

Good Luck!

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Ken, I went to the scrap yard today and picked up a starter enable solenoid. If you want it send me a PM with your address.

NOTE, I pulled out 2 relays including the starter enable solenoid, BOTH had GREEN corrosion on their connector pins and one of the relays was SO corroded that a pin broke off. Pull your starter enable relay and check for corrosion on the pins and clean it with electrical connector if the problems come back.

If you are having problems check your connectors for green corrosion guys!

See the green on top the two outside pins in this relay I pulled today off of a 99 Deville, the starter enable relay had this bright green on one pin. The top right pin is corroded so badly it broke off, look closely. If you are having intermittant problems pull your relays and have a look. Clean them with electronic cleaner and I think you can use some electrical grease on the pins


I have a 94 deville. Can you tell me where my starter relay is?

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