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It keeps running and running....


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My Deville will not shut off when I turn the key to the off position. The only way that I am able to get the car to shut down is to pull the IGN 1 relay under the hood. In fact I have been driving without this relay in place for a couple of months now. I posted this problem on the board a couple of months ago. The consensus from the experts here was to replace the ignition switch. Well I replaced the switch and I still have the same problem.

The problem of driving around without the relay is that is takes forever to start the car. I have to crank it for quite an extended period of time. Then it will cough and sputter and then finally start. Not having this relay in place also causes the SES light to come on due to the fact that no voltage is getting to the Heated O2 sensors.

I would really like to fix this thing, but it is really kicking my @ss. I know the relay is good. I have bench tested it and it works fine. I have even swapped out another relay but still get the same problem.

Here's my take on this. Besides the obvious that the car is *&$$ed ^. It seems like the power wire to the relay coil is getting its power from somewhere else. When the car is still running on its own, i.e. no key in ignition. I can back probe the relay and still get 12VDC. When I pull this relay the power goes away. So needless to say, I'm at my wits end. Hopefully the expert Guru will have a comment or two on this. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll try them. But just so you know a match and full gas can in the back seat has already been thought of by me.


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there is a metal piece which transfers the force from your ket to the ignition switch through an actuator ( a metal road). If that piece cracked you may experience problems described. some day it will fall apart completely so that you will not be able to start the car or shut it down. I am not sure this is your case but I would check it out. You will need to take out the steering wheel, ignition lock etc. just my 33 cents... ;)

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