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I love you for your pink Cadillac

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From the Dallas Morning News (reg may be required):


For the first time, all six models of Cadillacs are being offered in signature Mary Kay pink to the upper echelon of Mary Kay consultants.

The highest level, the national sales directors, can choose from the two priciest Cadillacs: the sporty XLR and the humongous Escalade.

When their annual seminars start Thursday at the Dallas Convention Center, about 40,000 Mary Kay beauty consultants and directors will descend on Dallas over three weeks, and 4,864 will walk away with career cars. But only 716 sales directors and national directors will be behind the wheels of the trademark pink Cadillacs.

Jill Moore, the recipient of the first Escalade and a national sales director from Plano, has been driving the Cadillacs for 16 years, and she lobbied the company to offer models that would accommodate families.

Lyrics reference courtesy of http://www.springsteenlyrics.com/lyrics/p/pinkcadillac.php


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