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Ignition Control Module


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The P025 code set on the Eldorado I bought. Just wondering if anyone knows why?

P025 (E025) .................. (Ignition Control Module) 24x Reference Low Indicator

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Sounds like a wiring problem between the ignition module and the crank sensors.

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I swapped ignition control modules out of my Eldorados. The ICM in my silver Eldo works perfect as the engine runs flawlessly, even with over 227K miles. So I installed it in my recently purchased Eldo and still have some erratic idling at times which, if bad enough, will set the P025 and P023 codes. It also sets off a bunch of other codes like a chain reaction. I'm beginning to think it may be PCM related or a bad crank position sensor. I'll buy a new crank sensor first and see what happens.

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