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Garmin 360-Bluetooth-Motorola RAZR V3

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We already have a Motorola RAZR V3 and I've been looking at nav systems. The driver for my needs is the end-of-year dieout of analog phone coverage and the OnStar cutoff of December 31. I got a letter from my cell phone carrier and they very much want me off of analog service by July 31 (their remaining analog channels are jammed -- it's hard to get a call initiated even with three bars). So, I'm looking for a replacement for my most-used feature, directions to an address, and I'm very much pleased with my experience with what appears to be a Garmin 350 in a rental car this May.

The difference between the Garmin 350 ($377 on Amazon.com) and the Garmin 360 ($430 on Amazon.com) is Bluetooth. I've read a lot of user reviews on Amazon and it seems that the Garmin 360 is the 350 with Bluetooth-coupled hands-free phone capability, including voice-operated dialing, etc. etc. etc. I was shopping for a Bluetooth earpiece and a nav system, but it seems that the Garmin 360 does both jobs. And, reports on Amazon say it's compatible with the RAZR model that we have.

Anyone have any experience with the Garmin 360, using it with a cell phone and Bluetooth?

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