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Just put my motor back in and now I need to service and recharge the AC. Are there any good DIY threads (can't find any with search) or tips for doing this? I was going to replace the accumulator, vacuum out the system with one of these, and fill with 2 lb of R134a and oil.

I have very little experience wth AC stuff. All I've ever done is top off a system that was low. I know AC systems are finicky and tricky, but I really would like to learn how to do this so any advice is welcomed. A step by step process is what I'm looking for. All the manuals basically say "take it to the mechanic, we can't give you DIY advice for pollutions liability reasons".

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try this link...


searching the forum will provide lots of insite, posting will get good advice

you may be able to rent the proper gauges HIGH and LOW side....and a A/C evac pump

As for the Ebay venturi type evacuation pump ....hopefully you have a serious air compressor to operate it, not aware of anyone happy with it but let us know.....I think its that 30minute boil off that will be impracticle with it.

And there are EPA rules to follow as well as required lic.

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Forget about the air vacuum pump - they will not draw a deep enough vacuum. Unless you have a HUGE air compressor, you run the risk of ruining your compressor. If you are not planning on doing a lot of A/C work, you would be better off paying a shop to evacuate and recharge the system for you. I would not replace the accumulator unless you left the system open to the atmosphere during the engine repair. I am sure you removed the hose that connects the evaporator to the accumulator in order to provide clearance to R&R the engine - be sure to replace the o-rings at each end of this hose (two at each end).

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