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Well I decided o pull out the 84 Cad for the summer time. Nothing like cruising around town in that boat. Low and behold the thing ran poorly. I thought at first it may have needed a tune up. This thing pinged and lacked power as well as ran poorly at cruising speeds. Then I remembered that the thing sat in the garage for six months with "winter" gas in it. As you know they change the mix up here in the north. Put 10 gallons of 93 octane in it along with a bottle of gas line antifreeze and a bottle of fuel cleaner and that did the trick. ;) Anyone else ever ran on crap gas? I remember last year when I grabbed a can of gas to fill my 79 Monte Carlo. The thing smoked and sputtered and I realized I put the gas for your lawn mower in it. Ooops! :huh: Man, I can't believe what a little bit of poor/wrong gas will do to your car.


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I had a horrible experience about 10 years ago. I was getting ready to drive my 68 Ford from AZ to PA. Just got the motor rebuilt and had a little bit of old gas in the tank. Filled the tank and the old gas that was left in the tank gunked up my valves and ended up breaking my push rods and lifters. I have learned if it sits for a long time and I DIDN'T put STABIL in the tank...drain it. Saves a lot of money and time in the long run.

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I store my '93 Fleetwood Brougham for the winter - every fall, around the first part of November, I run the tank down to empty, add 1 quart of 2-cycle oil to the tank, some Stabil and then put in 5 gallons of gas into the tank. I drive it for a few days, change the engine oil and put it into storage. I leave it parked until the first part of April and then fill the tank with fresh gasoline. I have never had a fuel related problem with that method.

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