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'93 Deville -- Swapping Analog Inst. for Digital


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There is a '93 at a local junkyard with the digital gauges and I was wondering how difficult a swap would be. I have the Factory Service Manual, and a analog/analog or digital/digital swap seems pretty straightforward. It mentions nothing about swapping analog/digital or vice versa, but looking at the replacement method there's nothing to lead me to believe that it's not doable. It mentions a circuit in the digital cluster that enables opening/closing the circuit that controls english/metric readouts for the Fuel Center and Climate Control, and it also mentions swapping out a chip in the digital cluster when replacing digital/digital.

Beyond that, I'm dense on the subject and am looking for help from someone else with more experience or at least another set of eyes that has the Service Manual also.



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Try searching the archives on this forum - I seem to recall that the digital and analog clusters on your car are not interchangable.

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I have also heard that they are not interchangeable but I'm not sure why. I also heard that 1992-1995 Bose and non-Bose head units are not but it worked when I did it. If you can get the digital cheap enough or return it if it doesn't work, try it and let us know if it works. It would be a great experiment and lots of us would be interested to hear for sure if it works or not.


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