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Getting a different vehicle...again.

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Yes, I'm getting a different vehicle again. I'm getting an 05 z71 LT Avalanche. I am trading in the 97 seville and the 01 suburban, which will be very difficult because I LOVE the suburban, but I need a truck like vehicle. It has everything available for that year except navigation. It's very nice looking. I'm picking it up tonight. I'll post pictures soon for those of you who like chevys.


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Soon, my friend, you will require a dealer license :D :D

How do you figure you made out on your STS ... I know you only owned it for a short while.

Were you wary of future repair costs on a 10yr old vehicle.

Post pics ... my brother had an Avalanche and loved the utility of it.

His only issue was numerous ABS problems.

Other than that, nice truck.

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Your "car of the week" ...just kidding. I love the Avalanche. Post some pics when you get it. Do you still have the 75 Eldo?

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I understand about the Suburban. I hade a '91 that I put 288,000 on before I gave it up. Two trannys, one axle two sets of ball joints was all I did too it other than your regular maintanence. The head gasgets finaly blew and it was looking pretty rough, I just gave it away. I still miss it after three years.


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