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By Charles

There are some important elements of car development and testing that do not occur on test tracks. Some don’t even happen inside the car at all. In my case, a lot of the development happens here in this room at a place we call the "bench." This is where a lot of the development of the "infotainment" aspects of the CTS happens. Not an exciting place to look at, but the results are technologies that go farther than we've ever gone before in terms of in-car electronics.

This bench is where we developed a huge package of available electronic features -- including a 40-gig hard drive, leading-edge iPod/MP3 integration, on-board USB port, and new navigation system with cool stuff like 3D imaging of major landmarks, simplified voice recognition and faster, better route planning with expanded real-time traffic and weather data. The "bench" gives a small team of us the chance to demonstrate and operate the systems in the exact same way as if we were driving in a real car. All the switches and controls are exactly as they would be in a car - even the "pop-up" navigation screen deploys just like it does in the real car.

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