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Some people just never learn

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I was coming home today and got behind a newer dodge duallie 4x4 going about 15 in a 45. I decided to pass and dumped the STS down to the floor and off I went around. When I got next to him...he gunned it and tried to keep up....WHAT A JOKE!!! I left him like 200 feet behind me and he was on it!!! Some people never learn to mess with the STS. Old street racing days I lived in the past always come back. ;);)

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One thing is for sure; they do run well; the get-up-and-go is fantastic!!!

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The best is when someone is going like 50 in a 35...And you go to make a turn. They come up on you doing like 50 and say "im going to tail gate this SOB for cutting me off" Then you floor it and within seconds they are trying to catch up to you!!! If you look in the rear view mirror you can see the "wow that Cadillac has balls" look in there eyes! :lol::lol::lol:


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I've had people look me in the eye and call my car a boat. :lol:

I avoid exhibition of speed and such. However, in commuting traffic, I am the Big Dog, occasionally to the bewilderment of those who don't expect a lot of agility at freeway speeds in finding gaps in traffic, entering from ramps, clearing gaps for people trying to merge, etc. I do try to be very courteous; it contributes to a friendlier commuting culture, and the guy you let in today may be the guy ho lets you in tomorrow. In particular, I go out of my way to make room for truckers in traffic. With my ETC and Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires, I can well afford to be the gentleman.

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Don't underestimate a Cummins turbo diesel, if you try to take one from a light you will lose. Six hundred pound feet of torque gets em up and going pretty quick. On the other hand from a roll the diesel will lose.

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saw one of those trucks the other day with a single stack protruding up from the middle of the bed........loud as hell.......is that supposed to be cool? i wouldn't want that eating up my bed space........................................red

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