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Something every parent or grandparent should read.

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How a photo can ruin your life. Important reading for everyone.

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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Yup. Life sure is different. My kids are all adults now and I will lock all pics from early childhood in the vault or burn them. Life sure sucks now. Guilty untill proven otherwise. No wounder so many people move to remote locations. Get away from the people that try to protect us and our kin. Too funny. So sad.

2001 STS Mettalic Otter Grey, Black Leather, 213,000 kilometers - miles - ? Still running strong!

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