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By Liz

And finally, the last round of answers to your most-recent FAQs! Keep them coming.

Overseas/International Tests:

A few folks have asked us about the testing we do outside of our home country, and whether we are responsible for that, or if we call upon folks in those local areas. By and large it is myself, Rob and our team based in Michigan that do the great majority of the tests no matter where they occur. Rob, for example, blogged about his driving in Sweden, and he will be on his way to Germany for more testing very soon. On occasion, we draw upon ?local? experts from our extended GM family in other regions of the world, such as Europe or China. But that?s fairly rare. We?re developing cars with the intent of consistent excellence anywhere in the world . . . so we like to have a team that has knowledge of conditions and requirements all over the world.

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