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By Rob

I?m not going to tip off the spy photographers too much, so I won?t say exactly when we?re next going to be at the Nuerburgring. But suffice it to say that we?re getting tuned up for another trip. So I thought it?d be good to go over the basics a little bit.

Many of you might be familiar with it already ? perhaps you?ve been there, or know of it from racing lore. For the whole story, go to the official site or consult the many books and other resources about the ?Ring?s? incredible history.

The bottom line is that it is the toughest and most-demanding circuit in the world. Today the Ring consists of two courses ? the Norsdschleife (?northern loop?) and the GP-Streke (?Grand Prix course.?) The Nordschleife is open to the public at certain intervals and is what is used for vehicle testing. The Grand Prix course is where professional events, like the German Grand Prix, are held.

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