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By Liz

One thing that?s been good to see is the reactions, comments and questions folks are submitting. It?s enlightening for us and gives us ideas on what is interesting to you.

Honestly, we can?t respond to everything. But we do want to answer as many questions we can reasonably get to. In some cases we have addressed (or are planning to address) topics raised by your comments. But it?s tough to get to everything. After all, we?re on the road an awful lot and this is not our day job!

It might be helpful, then, to use this post as a bit of a repository for questions on the car, on what we do, or on things you?d like to see in the future on the blog. In other words, if there?s a question or suggestion on your mind, let us know. If we don?t answer quickly, forgive us. And certainly there are going to be some issues and topics that we?ll just take a pass on. Bottom line: thanks for your comments and keep them coming.

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