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07 Apr 07 - Intake Plug


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I found a nice little plug for the intake tube that allows the removal of the intake silencer or resonator or whatever it's called. No performance characteristics are expected to change, I just wanted to clean up the engine bay and make transmission fluid and air filter inspections much easier. I guess all the G-platform Northstar cars have this setup? (98+ Seville and 00+ DeVille)

It's a rubber "quick connect" product designed for connecting lengths of PVC piping (rather than using PVC unions or elbows). But they also had plugs, or caps. The Quick Cap for 2" PVC pipe fit VERY snugly in the intake tube hole...almost like it was designed for it. Tightly enough for it to never fall out, but it's not so crammed in there so as to cause a deformation in the cap or intake tube and create an air leak. It's really a perfect size. As an added measure, I laid a bead of superglue at the joint, all the way around the plug. It's not going anywhere.

Found it at Home Depot. It was a buck and a half or something.

IPB Image

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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