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Help putting back weatherstrip


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My weatherstripping on the windshield is coming off, it's just the top part that runs across from door to door. What kind of glue is used to put this back? Is it something I can do myself or will I have to take it to a glass place?

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The shop manual on the upper windshield molding says:


The windshield upper reveal molding requires removal of the windshield for proper installation

For the actual adhesive it says:

When replacing stationary windows, use Urethane Adhesive Kit GM P/N 12346392 (Canadian P/N 10952983), or a urethane adhesive system meeting GM Specification GM3651G, to maintain original installation integrity. Failure to use the urethane adhesive kit will result in poor retention of the window which may allow unrestrained occupants to be ejected from the vehicle resulting in personal injury.


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