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By Rob

This is from our most recent track test. Race fans might have a guess as to what track this is. This is the front straight of the track, before we turn into the infield road course. The car is probably a bit over 100 mph through this section.

Any guesses, race fans, as to what track this is? One of the things we were looking at in this test is powertrain cooling, given that we’re driving the car pretty hard and it was 85 degrees in March.

(That should be a decent hint.)

This is Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona. This place is known mostly for the Nextel Cup races it hosts. But that has nothing to do with why it works nicely for us. The infield road course here is good, the paddock facilities are great, it’s close to our Desert Proving Grounds facility and the weather is hot and dry.

Just what we need.

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