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Diamond white paint?

tom karen

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Would like to hear from anyone who has had experience with having this paint matched.

Car got hit in a parking lot a week after we got it. A dent less than 3 inches next to the tail light. Collision shop said $870. Almost $600 of that to paint. We were told it is a 3 step pain job and very hadd to do.

Decided to wait, and now someone has keyed the drivers door and quarter panel.

Hate to even think about total cost of both.

Don't know if the info from the shop is true or hype. Sure would appreciate any help or advice on this.

PS we love the new board.

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Hi there, not sure if I can help you this very second but my friend has a diamond white Eldoardo [94] and she recently had the trunk repainted. I can ask her this weekend if she can get the specifics from the autobody shop if no one else helps. Good luck.. Sorry about the keying of the car - mine was also keyed about a yr. ago. Too many jealous people out there I guess.



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First reply to the new board, hope I don't have to jump through all those hoops every time!! Anyway, this may shed some light on your problem. This came from an old post on this board about a year or so ago. Link still works. Yes this is a three part paint system. My dealership had my bumper retouched before I bought my car by a mobil Dupont truck/paint touchup guy in Parkesburg WV. Sure there must be more out there in the BIG cities!


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Yes it is a 3 step process. Base coat, mid coat (tinted clear coat) and clear coat. Mine is white diamond and when I wacked a deer 3 years ago the was a very very small dent in the hood lip. I would have lived with it but there was a crack in the paint. The body shop man said he had to paint the hood AND both fenders to match. Who was I to argue with him. The insurenace adjuster did but he convinved him as well that it needed to be done to get a match. :huh: As you said it is not a cheap color to repaint but IMHO the classiest, but I digress. The match was and still is factory perfect.

Sorry to hear you are having such bad luck. People who key cars are just jealous and are probably driving A geo metro :angry:

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Mine got keyed over the xmas holidays. Being 17 i dont really have the money to get it fixed right now, especially since it happened right after i spent over $1000 on subs and an amplifier. Anyone know a cheap body shop in the dallas area?

Andrew Morris

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These posts pretty much sum up my experience with White Diamond! They have to paint PART of the adjoining panels because the color has to be blended in order to get it to LOOK like it's a perfect match. The good news is that it works.

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White diamond is not any harder to match the color than any other high metallic color.Just a little more work painting the base color first then the white and clear.The whole key is to spot paint the panels that need to be painted. If it was my car I would do it myself. Your best bet would go to someone that experience matching that paint.In my opinion the dealer would be your best bet.However the most costly.I think they try and get somewhere around$250 a panel for paint work just the paint removing the scratch dents damage is extra.Get some estimates..

Good Luck


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