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2001 Deville ( help with mods )

Mr Dubb

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Hi, im new to this so just bear with me.... Im about to purchase a 2001-2002 Deville and I am looking to put a new exhaust and rims on it. Although I realize a lot of you may not agree with it I would like to put 22's on it. My question is that from what I've read, the deville will take up to a 20"x 8.5 and i am wondering how hard or what else i need to get to be able to put 22x 9 or 9.5's on it. Is it just a matter of spacers, and trim? if so what size. I also would like to put a corsa on it although i do not have the money now. I can settle temporarily with just mufflers... I reallly like the sound of Spruce Gooses.... however, what size in and out do i need to look for if i want to shop around for good stainless steel ones?? Your help would be appreciated


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Looks like this guy has 22" wheels on his Deville:


So you might inquire as to fitment there. Apparently a lot depends on what tires you run with.

IPB Image

Best way to be sure on the mufflers is slide under the Deville and measure in/out and center/offset then you can check online for what's available, or visit a local muffler shop and they can handle everything based on what brands they carry.


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