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By Rob

Track testing is a big part of what we do. We’re doing some track testing now, and have several more of these planned for this spring. Seems like a good time to share some of those highlights here, which we’ll do in the days and weeks to come.

This photo shows me getting ready for our track test last week. I wanted to post this shot first, before any of the other track-related stuff, to get across the point that, while track driving can be really cool, we take it very seriously and very carefully.

You can see that I’m in a fire suit. Before I get this car onto the track I will also put on a helmet -- that’s a must for the track. We’ll also use the HANS device (Head and Neck Support, same as the ones used in recent years for racing). This car has a roll cage in the rear and special seats with 5-point harnesses. These precautions are absolute requirements and are very helpful - meaning we can just focus on the car and the testing, knowing that we have all the right safety preparations in place.

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