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GM FastLane:Why There's No GM Comment About Chrysler

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By Steve Harris

Vice President, GM Global Communications

I know from your comments that a lot of you would like to hear our side of what's going on behind all the media reports suggesting there could be a link-up of GM and the Chrysler Division of DCX.

The announcement by Daimler-Chrysler on February 14 that "all options are on the table" regarding the future of the Chrysler Division certainly set off a firestorm of stories, studies and speculation by media, analysts and bloggers.

Commenting on hot news events and speculating about the future is the lifeblood of most blogs. In this case, GM has good reasons for declining to comment or speculate on any discussions we might be having with DCX about Chrysler.

The reason is simple: GM and other car makers frequently discuss issues of mutual interest. In most cases, these discussions don't lead anywhere. So as a matter of policy, the company doesn't confirm or comment publicly on these types of discussions unless and until it's determined that disclosure is appropriate.

I love a good online discussion as much as anyone. But, as a spokesman for GM, I must do what is best for the company. And in this case, it means continuing to decline comment on this issue.



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