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Cadillac Drivers' LOG:Checking and Re-Checking

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By Rob

As if it weren’t cold enough at home, we’re going back and forth to Kinross for winter-traction testing now. This is a key point in time – we’re checking and re-checking the AWD system and chassis controls in the car, as it’s the first time we’ve put AWD into the CTS. We snapped a lot of photos – this is a rare one in which you can actually see the car clearly amidst the snow that’s constantly falling and the snow being kicked up by the wind and tires.

We’ll have some other shots and stories from Kinross shortly. Also coming soon are some interesting pictures and video from some of the other winter-traction tests we’ve already done – including some from driving we’ve done in other near-Arctic areas in Sweden.

Cadillac Driver's Log here: http://cadillac.gmblogs.com/2007/02/post.html


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