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Hey guys

I've been thinking about getting into a newer car for a while now and dropped onto one that I'm really thinking about. 2003 Cadillac CTS sport. This thing looks kinda a cool. I haven't driven one with the 3.2 yet. I've driven a 03 with 2.8 manual before and really liked it. I felt it had sufficient power and could get loose with the rear drive :) Anyways my question is, are there any problems with the 03 CTS's with the 3.2L? I mean GM got rid of the motor in just one year. I believe that after 04 only the 2.8 and 3.6 were available. Should I just wait for a 04 or later model or is it OK?

One of the reasons I want a CTS is that as much as I love the northstar motor it has it's issues. Oil leaks potential head gasket issues and bad gas milege. Can someone tell me how the milege is on the CTS? I do drive alot and I really would love to have a car that won't cost me $400 a month in gas :D I really like the look though. It sits low to the ground with nice 17" chrome wheels, and looks mean with the black on black color combo :D Thanks guys any info as always much appreciated.

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I recommend you shop a 2004 or later CTS with the 3.6L DOHC VVT engine. It has more HP and torque than the 3.2L, and a wider torque band with the variable valve timing.

I get 25-26 mpg touring at 70-75 mph on trips with my 05 CTS 3.6L.


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