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Hey guys, we just did a banner exchange with caddyinfo.com and wanted to tell you guys about our site, http://www.fquick.com/. FQuick.com is like a myspace for your car. You can upload unlimited images, post all your vehicles, previous vehicles, videos, general pics, and start a caddyinfo group too!

We are looking forward to seeing you guys there!

When you sign up, add me to your friends list!


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Welcome, Zach.

Here is where you can find my Cadillac CTS on Fquick:


It occurs to me that if we are only/mostly on Cadillac sites chatting about Cadillac stuff, that's great, but it does not reach the general automotive sites. By adding our Cadillacs to general sites like http://www.fquick.com, we have an opportunity to advocate for Cadillac (and GM) among the non-Cadillac drivers who might not be drawn over to brand/marque specific sites like Caddyinfo.com.

On FQuick, every Cadillac car posted shows a CaddyInfo banner above it, so people know to come on over and find out more.

IPB Image

so adding your Cadillac to the garage there at FQuick also leaves a trail back here.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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