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Temporary spare

Va Maddog

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Seems like I'm asking a lot of questions lately - sorry. I do a search first to look for similar posts but have not been finding much on my topics - anyway...

First time I looked at the temp spare(picked up the car last week), wanted to check pressure (and it was low), but I'm wondering if it is the correct one. Size is T125/15 I was thinking that it should be a 16" temp spare. It is brand new, never been used but...jack was loose not mounted and there is no lug wrench.

So...I need a lug wrench and the bolt/wing nut to mount the jack plus do I need a different spare?

I don't ever plan to use it, but you never know when you might be forced to.

95 SLS 225/60R16's for regular tires.

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My '98 has 235/60 R16s on the ground and a T125/70 R16 original equipment spare. There is about a 2 inch difference in outside diameter.

If the bolt pattern is correct, you are probably OK with a 15" spare for the short distances those things are intended to travel.


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My '97 also has a 125/70/16 spare, with 225/60/16 tires as stock size. If you are concerned about the size of the spare, visit a few salvage yards and look in any late model FWD General Motors vehicle for a 125/70/16 spare. That's a pretty common spare tire size, and most, if not all, late model FWD GM cars share our bolt pattern of 5x115mm.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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