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99 DeVille Headlight Problems


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I have a 99 DeVille with 105,000 and the headlights are acting up. They do not work with the headlight switch or with the automatic switch and but when it is dark outside with both switches off the headlights work but no taillights and the dash gives the "headlights recommended" message. One day they are fine and the next they are acting up. When the headlight switch is pulled out and the key is turned off, the bell rings as if the lights are on but they are not lit up. When the sentinal switch is on the tail lights and the front parking lights are on but neither the low or high beams work. But some days they all work normally. Steer me to the advice I need!

Thanks in advance,


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Here is a response I got from another board. I thought I should post it for future reference. I will let you know if this fixes my problem!

Subject: Re: [CadillacOwners] 99 DeVille headlight problems

Happened to me on my '98 Deville. Simple solution; the headlamps relay is not

working. Located under the hood. I told the dealer what to do (I had the shop

manual and schematics) and they replaced the relay for about twenty bucks. That

included re-wrapping and weather proofing the relay box. The

'tech' didn't know which relay was which, so he changed them out one at a time

till he found the correct relay.

What you have is the daylight running lights - different relay, different


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FIXED!! The relay was the problem. I bought a relay at Autozone (Sorensen # 41-5100) for $8. The relay is under the hood by the fuse panel. You have to remove the housing around the fuse panel and it will expose all of the heavy duty fuses and relays. There is a schematic on the housing describing all of the fuses and relays. I just removed the tape around the relay cluster and changed the relay. Nothing to it!!

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