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GM FastLane:One Million Miles — The Story

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Peter Gilbert and Jay Spenchian

By Jay Spenchian

General Manager, Saab Automobile USA

One million miles, one car and one single owner — that’s quite a story and one long-running affair! Peter Gilbert and his 1989 Edwardian Gray Saab 900 SPG are the couple in question.

Knowing what I know about Saabs, I wasn’t surprised to learn that it still has its original engine and turbo. I was able to ride with him as it rolled over during this year’s North American Saab Owners Convention in Lake George, N.Y. We also snapped a shot of the odometer as it hit a million. It was such a cool experience for me to share this milestone with a diehard Saab owner and for it to happen in front of a bunch of other Saab loyalists.

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Saab Automobile USA is honoring Peter’s commitment to his ’89 SPG with an all-new Saab 9-5 Aero, which includes admission to the Saab Aero Academy.

This isn’t a one-time deal. We are so completely convinced of the jet-like performance and endurance of our products that we encourage others like Peter to come forward and present themselves. Saab Automobile USA is offering a free, new Saab to any U.S. customer who covers the distance of 1 million miles or more in a Saab that he or she originally purchased new.

Stories like Peter Gilbert’s really inspire me. I’d like to hear yours too. It’s not everyday that someone actually wants to hear a “Saab story” (pun intended) but here is your chance. So let the world know about your Saab and how important it is to you.



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