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The steering cloumn to rack pinch bolt


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Just about the last thing I need to do before I drop the engine cradle on my Eldo is to dis-connect the steering column from the rack. I can't find the pinch bolt :rolleyes:

I know what I'm looking for I just can't find it.

Can you fellas who've dropped the cradle on your cars point me in the right direction?

Thank you much.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. :D

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Happy Thanksgiving I am taking a break from eating and saw your post. See the following thread on replacing the ISS, this info was in there regarding the intermediate shaft detachment:

Pull up the boot around the joint for the steering rack connection. Remove, not just loosen the bolt that holds the universal joint to the top of the steering rack. It should pull apart as the engine is lowered.


You might find some interesting info in that thread regarding dropping the carriage, he only tilted it to get at the side pan but you never know, Mike

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