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Ride height off and tech says np?!


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The rear of my ride lifted all the way up this past weekend. I started the car and the compressor just kept kcik'n in. No codes what-so-ever, but I took it in to my nearest GM dealer-----what a mistake! This tech has the nerve to say that the car checks out fine....ride height is at Caddy specs? LOL--yeah right! The tech blames it on my aftermarket rims "being smaller" and giving the "illusion" of the gap between the wheels :blink: . WOW!! My aftermarket rims are bigger and taller than OE. Does my photo indicate smaller wheels?

Take your car to a Cadillac dealer and avoid techs with inexperience to such a machine :lol: .

They are now looking into the matter.

What is it with this total flush of ALL my fluids? ( Trans, power steering, brake, injector flush, etc) Total would be close to a full grand?

When is it appropriate to do such a massive flushing of ALL fluids?

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The dealer offers flushing of all fluids as a way to increase dealer profit. Consult the owner's manual, or your mygmlink.com for actual recommended maintenance schedule. Even when it is time to change a fluid I would shy away from flushes and stick to drain and refill.


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