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valve cover leak


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Hello all; I purchased a 2000 DTS. the valve cover on the back side has a leak that drips onto the exaust manifold creating a smell. Would like any help on valve cover removal and installation for the new gaskets. Or is this a job for the dealer.



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I had the same problem on my STS, but all I needed to do was tighten the nuts on the valve cover.

I also added a bottle of Pennzoil stop leak.

Normally I do not believe in "mechanic in a can", but this stuff actually worked.

Hope this helps.

Big Jay

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The cam cover gaskets are molded silicone and are designed to swell in the presence of engine oil - I would check the torque of the bolts first - I don't know what the spec is off hand though. If that doesn't stop the leak then replace the gasket. It is about $15 fro the dealer and it is not too bad to replace - you will need to lower the front of the engine cradle to gain room - disconnect the suspension links or they will pull apart.

Once you have the cam cover off, thoroughly clean the seal groove with brake cleaner to remove all traces of engine oil. Do the same to the sealing surface of the head. You want the surfaces free of engine oil otherwise, the new gasket will swell and become too long to fit in the groove.

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