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Great free LEGAL music service

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This website is great ive been playing with it for a month or so now, www.pandora.com. The idea behind it is that you give it an artist you like, it will play a song by them and then music similar to it. The only downside is you can’t go back to a song, but if you rate it with a thumbs up it will make its way around again, you can also create a station with multiple artist for a good variety. I personally have discovered a lot of new music through this website. Also it keeps lists of what you did/did not like, so you can go back and review your list of artists you liked.

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When I enjoy a particular artist's work I try to purchase CD's or songs directly from the Artist if possible. With more and more artist web sites and online CD services available, I try to encourage and compensate artists with my purchase to continue to make music.

Obviously, superstars are rich already, but it is suprising to me how little some artists make from their craft. Especially if it is someone just starting out, buy those CDs!


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