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1987 Cadillac Fleetwood D'Elegance Transmission


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It's not too bad of a job on this car. Figure on 4+ hrs of labor. You'll need something to support the engine when you lower the subframe. I just used a piece of 4x6 and some hooks. You'll also need a very long 1/2" extension to take out one of the bell housing bolts. One tip is to go buy some rachet tie downs. Use them to lower your transmission and also to raise your transmission back into the car. It works much better than a transmission jack. Are you rebuilding your own transmission? If so, I can give you some tips.

Here's a picture taken of my Allante transmission rebuild job.

Good luck ;)

IPB Image

IPB Image
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Hello Ed....Thank you first of all for sharing that. I apprecaite it very much. I'm thinking

about doing this transmission myself. I know it has a plugged passage, because it won't

shift from 2nd to 3rd. I've asked for help from local transmission shops, but apparently they

want me to pay for the new vacation homes ALL they all own. I was wondering if you had a

step by step process, you can share, that will help me figure this out. And any tips on rebuilding would be great as well. The pictures look great. Thanks again for your advise. It's very much appreciated. You're a great guy for offer your expertise.

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That "pre-launch" photo of your Allante is outstanding! When I see it I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or send you a case of suds. :lol:

I used to do crazy stuff like that, but those days are long gone . . . .



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It's not typical to see anyone in my situation even work on their cars. I could easily pay cash for any new Cadillac that my heart would desire but I'm a person that enjoys tinkering with anything mechanical. The transmission rebuild job wasn't all that bad and it I found it quite interesting taking the thing apart and putting it all back together. The tranny rebuild shops will unlikely ever get any business from me in the future. I just feel really good when I have a tranny in my car that I rebuilt myself and that extra care was taken so that everything is just right.

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Here are some tips.

1. Buy the GM service manual for this car. It has an excellent section on rebuilding this transmission.

2. I highly recommend that you obtain a rebuild video. It makes it sooo much easier.

Here's a link:


3. Take many pictures as you are disassembling this transmission. I had to refer back to my pictures when hooking up all the wires.

4. Best place (and cheapest) to buy parts is:


The rebuild kit is about $100. You should also buy a new sprag, shimming washers and chain. I have a feeling that most rebuilding shops skip the shimming procedure. I also recommend installing a Transgo shift correction package. It fixes a lot of weaknesses in this transmission.

5. Have your Viscous Converter rebuilt by a torque converter shop. Have them weld the fins up for extra durability. After time, the fins get stressed and a fin could let loose and destroy the whole transmission. This is VERY important for longevity and for peace of mind!!

I kind of doubt that you have a blocked passage. When you take the thing apart you'll more likely find a broken spring somewhere or a stuck valve.

Good luck,


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