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A/C,Heat not working properly


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<_< I've done a search and found people haveing problems with A/C blowing out of half the dash and heat blowing out the other have, when they are calling for A/C. (hot outside)

My problem is I had A/C on but had temp set at 75, I had warm air passenger side, and cold outside temp air on driver side. (Outside temp approx 35)

I see were low A/C coolant pressure can cause weird A/C problems, but I was kind of calling for a little heat.

Is this still low coolant or another problem

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When you refer to "coolant", I think you really mean "refrigerant" but in any case, it sounds like you have a sticking blend door actuator. They are both on the passenger side - one can be seen by removing the passenger side hush panel and by removing the glove box.

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