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need help leaking brake fluid


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Hi, I have a 1993 STS and I am leaking brake fluid about 10 inches in from where the front of the drivers side door meets the front fender. The guy who helped me with the exhaust recently said it is coming from a brake distribution valve, I have also heard these called proportion valves. I have spoken to three people at two different Cadillac dealerships and have received two different answers.

1. There are no proportion valves up front

2. There is one right at the bend of the firewall and it would be around $60 but he needed the last eight digits of my VIN, which I did not have at that time. Now I can't get in touch with him.

Any help you guys can give as I really don't want to drive it that much. The last 8 digits are PU830197.

A part # or something would be great



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Are you sure its the valve and not a rusted out line at the connection? I can not see a valve leaking before a line rusts through. My bet would be a 1993 line rusted through at the valve. Lines can be bought to length wit fittings on each end and bent by hand. If you have the tools buy stock length of pipe then bend and flare your own.

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In my '92 SLS,I had a leaky proportion valve in the rear.It was located behind the rear drivers side tire.I got a new one for around $30 at the dealership and instead of trying to get the old one off and twisting up the brake line,my mechanic simply took the valve out of the housing and replaced it with the new one.Took about ten minutes,and it has been fine for over a year now.

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