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Surging IDLE on my STS-HELP!!!!!!

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I have my car down at the local caddi dealer, (LEGENDS CADILLAC), and here's the ghost...no warning, pulled in from the freeway, and my brakes werent doing the trick...my idle was about 1500 w the car in gear, which is not fun at the stop lights! So I pull in at home and put it in neutral, and it revs WAY up around 3000 rpm. Of course, the next day, I take it to the shop and my car races again at startup, but after being on the road a minute, service eng lite comes on and the problem stopped. Figures. Then it did it again, I'm thinking it's an electrical problem w Idle air control valving, not sure the layout of this car's idle control tho...I was afriad it was air entering past eh intake from a bad head or something, but it's intermittant, and came from out of nowhere, so Physical engine damage is probably not the case. Any help? I have an inherent distrust of dealerships..you guys always help me out tho!! Thanks! Oh, and I have 126K on the car, if that helps? !

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I had the same intermittant problem at the beginning of this month.

3000 N idle

1500 D idle (idles at 70km/h on the highway! lol)

Occasional SES.

Took it in. New idle control motor $200 installed. Works great now :)


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