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Size of allen on calliper bolts


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If I recall its a 3/8" allen wrench. I have a 3/8" allen wrench in 3/8" socket form for the job. But you should have a look or take a look at he factory service manual, at some point they changed to T55 torx. I don't want to steer you wrong..

The reason I don't know specifically is that I have a whole set of allen wrenches and Torx sockets, so when I do the job its not an issue.

Turn your wheel hard and see if its a TORX or ALLEN it should be visible, unless someone here has a 93 and can opine on it quickly.

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Just wondering what size these allens are so I can go buy one. Thanks Greg

3/8 Allen , just did my 93 deville front brakes on Sunday.

Grease those pins good while they are out !!!!

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