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I have been using IE7 betas for close to a year and this RC1 has come a long way in terms of page loading speed compared to the betas. The final public product should be slick as M$ has incorporated most of the things people like about Opera and Firefox.


Be aware that installing IE7 removes other versions of IE; then uninstalling/removing IE7 restores the previous version. All bookmarks/favorites/passwords/cookies are preserved.

Opera, Firefox, and IE7 are all on this machine and I find myself using IE7 most of the time.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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I’m currently using Firefox, which is the latest version. I also downloaded IE7 and it’s not bad. But I’m a bit unsettled using IE since I’m not confident it's a secure browser. On the other hand, upgrading Firefox can be a nightmare. There has been all kinds of problems from loosing favorites to crashes. I also like the extensions and add-ons that FF has. I don’t believe IE has anything close to FF as far as extension, themes and add-ons. I tried Opera but I’m so settled in FF that it was difficult to get use too. But it isn’t a bad browser—it’s just a matter of preference.

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Jim, just wanted to say that I installed IE 7 and I like it a lot. I love having all of the page tabs at the top as I usually have tons of IE pages open at one time. Still need to reseach its capabilities, like RSS and if it can be customized, but its cool. Installation was very easy, which surprised me.

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