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Hi All,

I have two white stickers that state, "GM Recall " # 03038 and 03005, Dealer Code #20069 any way to look these up? These are on the passenger strut tower and the driver side is making grrr while turning moving or not, related recall??

Oh, 2003 Seville STS 70k mi.

any ideas, thanks all.


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Affected vehicles: 2003-03 Cadillac DeVille, Seville, Eldorado; and Oldsmobile Aurora equipped with V8 engine.

Situation: Affected vehicles may exhibit an engine misfire condition due to a loss of signal from the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to the ignition coils.


Affected vehicles: Certain 2002-2003 model year Cadillac DeVille and Seville vehicles equipped with a V8 4.6L engine (LD8/L37), Oldsmobile Aurora vehicles equipped with a V8 4.0L engine (L47), and Pontiac Bonneville SSEi vehicles built within specific VIN breakpoints.

Situation: In some of the affected vehicles, the fuel tank pressure sensors are unusually susceptible to malfunctions. If the sensor malfunctions, excessive vacuum can be applied to the fuel tank during self-diagnostic testing. Fuel system components can be damaged and fuel can leak from the vehicle when it is refueled. Possible symptoms of this condition are fuel odor, illumination of the Service Engine Soon or Check Engine light, increased noise from the fuel tank area, inaccurate fuel gauge readings, and poor driveability. If there is an ignition source present, a fire could occur.


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