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Condensation on windshield, A/C condensor drain?


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I finally got my A/C back to ice cold, just needed to put the proper 2lbs of R134a in. Air is now freezing, just how I remember it!

Now it seems that the air is very moist for the first few minutes, although it is very cold. After 10 minutes of driving, the air is cool and dry, but initially its "cold and wet." On a cool night, I can often come back to the car and find condensation right above the defrost vent on the inside of the windshield. It just seems like the moisture removed by the A/C isn't properly draining from the HVAC system.

I can't find any water flowing back into the car, but I want to make sure the drain to the HVAC box is clear, and the condensation isn't pooling inside the coil (hvac) housing. Where do I find the drain-tube on this car?

And on a separate subject, how can I ensure the recirc door is operating properly? I'm having doubts of its proper function, but can't seem to confirm its operation other than by the LED light on the button. I don't hear any doors opening or closing when it's depressed.

As always, thanks for all the help!


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The drain should be under the firewall. If it is working, you should see condensation dripping under the car when the A/C is on. The more humid it is, the more condensation you should see.

When you go into recirc mode, you should here a difference in the sound from the blower, particularly at high speed.

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