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Engine Crane

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I am thinking about buying this engine hoist/crane:


Does that 1-ton crane look adequate to drop my carriage down to do the ISS in the tranny.. Its a cheap crane at $130, normally $160, or do you think I should go for this 2-ton unit at $200?:


Thanks, Mike

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Two concerns, Mike.

1: Will you will be lowering the cradle just enough to get to the tranny side panel OR are you dropping the cradle completely to a pallet or some device with small wheels??

I don't see how you could use those cranes to drop the engine cradle to the floor. There is not enough room between the front wheels of the crane to position a pallet to hold the cradle. Am I making the word picture clear?

2: The first crane gives you numbers to de-rate the capacity as the boom is extended

"Maximum working capacity: 1 ton; Boom extension capacities: 1 ton @ 36-1/4", 3/4 ton @ 45-1/2", 1/2 ton @ 50-1/4", 1/4 ton @ 50-1/4"

The second crane does not provide this critical information.


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