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Replacing OE Cassette Player with OE CD


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I have a cassette deck in my 96 DeVille and wanted to know if I purchased a OEM CD player that looks exactly the same would it just fit right in? It seems to me that it would be an easy swap of Delco radios, but I can't be sure. If anyone has experience with these huge OEM radios and knows what I am talking about I would appreciate your help, thanks alot.

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A '96 you may be ok. Dont know for sure.

I do know cars 2000 and newer....NO. They have a chip that looks for the original VIN #. No matching VIN and you will get communication error codes. These CANNOT be reset with a Tech2.

GM does have a TSB about this.

So anyone wanting to buy a replacement cluster, radio, HVAC control, etc.....on eBay....it wont work.

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Hi -

I bought an in-dash AM/FM/Cass/CD off e-bay (non-BOSE) and it did not work

in my '99 Deville. Seemed to play the tape and CD but no sound. The dealer

told me the system was looking for an amp, which I did not have.

Ended up w/a trunk mounted 12-disc using the original radio as controller as

recommended by the dealer and it works fine.

The dealer tried to reset the original radio with a controller (not sure if it was the same one Logan mentions) and that did not work either.

Logan, does your note mean that 2000 and later theftlock stereos need to

be in the original car to operate ??? If so, that is truly theftlock unless someone

can trick the system w/original VIN #.


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