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OnSTAR diagnostics

Bruce Nunnally

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Here is my OnStar diagnostic email for Sept 06. The CTS calls home monthly and sends home diagnostic data. Then Cadillac emails me to let me know how things are.


OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics for your 2005 Cadillac CTS as of 09/08/2006

Dear Bruce Nunnally,

Any time you're in your vehicle, you can perform an on-demand GM Goodwrench Remote Diagnostic check. Just push your blue button and tell the Advisor you want to run a checkup. There is no extra charge for this service.


Air Bag System Diagnostic: Complete. No action needed.

Antilock Braking System Diagnostic: Complete. No action needed.

OnStar System Diagnostic: Complete. No action needed.

Remaining Oil Life: 55% No service needed.

Next oil change recommended at 26,200 miles.

Mileage: 20,889 No maintenance needed.

Hands-Free Calling

Phone #:xxx-xxx-xxxx

94 minutes remaining

Good until 7/29/2007

XM Satellite Radio Radio ID number: xxxx Vehicle equipped and active


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