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The paint code will be on the option list plate. On Caddys, I believe that this plate is in the spare tire compartment. Any respectable body shop shold know where the option plate is and be able to get the paint code in a few seconds.

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Jim is right.... lift up the carpet in your trunk, and lift up the wooden spare tire hatch cover.... on the bottom is your build sheet.

One of the numbers on there is the paint code from the factory. Probably on the bottom, next to something like "U/L", which is for upper & lower on a two-tone car, but there will usually only be one number next to that....

Some colors (like Diamond White) change in different years, but are always called "Diamond White", so, make sure you get that number, to get the right paint.....

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The only problem is I can't seem to remember where I put that list at. Is there any where else on the car you can look at to get it? One guy said on the side of the drvers door. I guess it's the vin #

There might be paint codes on the underside of your trunk lid ???

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