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GM Performance Parts Launches New Website

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GM Performance Parts Launches New Website

New website name - gmperformanceparts.com

Configurator technology to be unveiled over the next several months

DETROIT – GM Performance Parts (GMPP) is unleashing a new power – and instead of delivering it in a crate, this power is delivered on the web at GMPP’s all-new website, www.gmperformanceparts.com. As the leader in providing high performance solutions to the automotive aftermarket, GMPP is extending its horsepower expertise to this newly launched website created by advertising agency, Leo Burnett Detroit.

“Over the past several years we’ve introduced some exciting new products, like the 350/290 HP, the ZZ572 and the LS7,” said Lisa Reffett, marketing manager, GM Performance Parts. “It seems only fitting that our website should reflect the same exhilaration you feel when you rev up one of those engines; so we knew that it was time for an overhaul!”

Prior to the launch of the new site, GMPP information could be found through the GM Goodwrench website. However with the growth in the GMPP portfolio, that site had become limited in its functionality and it was time for an overhaul.

The new site, which also has new web address, will roll out in two phases, offering visitors a whole new level in visual appeal, as well as dynamic functionality. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find on the site during each phase.

Phase One – off the starting line

The website lights it up with a complete new design. From new photography that showcases GMPP crate engines like never before, to sections that help visitors browse the entire GMPP lineup, you won’t believe your eyes.

The homepage offers three new sections designed to assist GMPP visitors in their quest for performance:

Dream It – experience what GMPP can do. We’re in love with performance and power – we’re enthusiasts just like you. Check out some of the dreams of the GMPP team, and make a few of your own.

Build It – we’ve got the parts, you bring the project. Determine which parts will make your next project the custom build of a lifetime.

Race It – if winning wasn’t important; there’d be no need for a checkered flag. Get advice from six-time NHRA Pro Stock Champion and GMPP sponsored driver, Warren Johnson.

The 2006 GMPP catalog has been flying off dealership shelves and is now available for download on the new site. Visitors can also locate the GMPP Authorized Center and GM dealership nearest them by entering their zip code.

Phase One also includes a new “parts finder” tool to help visitors easily find what they are looking for, using the part number or just the part description.

We can’t leave out the engine showcase where visitors will find a full display of GM Performance Parts crate engines, from small-blocks to big-blocks, including GMPPs racing engines and the next generation of V8 performance, the LS family. We’ve also included regular production engines you can buy in a crate. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it on the new GMPP website.

Phase Two –shifting into second gear

GMPP adds dramatic interactive enhancements in the second phase of the website development, with an all new engine configurator. Face it, who else but GMPP would allow you to select an engine, pick and choose various engine dress-up accessories, and then replace the original part with a new GM Performance Part? In fact, visitors will be able to watch as those parts “fly” on and off, changing the entire look and performance of the engine.

If that’s not cool enough, next, an industry-leading dyno configurator will allow visitors to select performance upgrades on the engine of their choice and then run it on a virtual dyno which will then graph out the results, displaying horsepower and torque increases for their combination. By the way, it looks and sounds cool, too.

Phase two enhancements will begin with the initial engine configurator going live on the site near the end of September. Additional engines will be added throughout the remainder of the year.

“We’re very excited about the new website and the configurator capabilities,” said Reffett. “Anyone who has a custom project will be able to visit our site and build the engine that suits their needs.”


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